Welcome to Tricari, the AFL approved fanlisting for Hitachiin Hikaru, a wonderful character from the amazing anime and manga series Ouran High School Host Club. Hikaru is the older twin brother of Kaoru, and is known for his comparitively harder and somewhat less mature personality. If you are a fan of Hikaru, please feel free to show your love by joining this fanlisting! :)
28(+0) listed ⚜ October 17th 2019
You are currently viewing version two of this website. It was designed to match the layout of Kaoru's fanlisting, albeit with some stylistic changes. I wanted this one to look a little more chaotic than Kaoru's, using warmer colors to better express Hikaru's slightly more "fiery" personality. This design is a throwback to my style back when Ouran first came out, a sort of scrapbook-type feel. Resources are from shedyourskin@DA and yeonseb@DA, and the image was from Minitokyo. The fonts featured throughout are Avenir and Libby.